- 200w eMachine 6cm fan
- 200w eMachine 8cm fan
- 250w eMachine 8cm fan
- 300w eMachine 6cm fan
- 200w Gateway
- 200w PS3
- 250w PS3
- 250w PS3 no Switch
- 300w PS3
- 350w PS3
- 400w PS3
- 300w AT




AT-300w Power Supply with Power Switch

PS2 size AT-300w power supply has a power On/Off switch that can turn the power supply on or off from wall power source alone without having to connect to any drive or mainboard. It is useful for powering 12V electronic devices, such as lighting, directly from the power supply, and it is used in some storage systems that do not have a mainboard.

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Please note that the actual power supply may be a little bit different from the photo representation above.




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