About 1st PC Corp

1st PC Corp is a product development and marketing company in the consumer electronic and computer hardware industry. We partner with various distribution and marketing companies to come up with products that are unique, innovative, and really can contribue to your bottomline. With many years of experience in this fast moving and ever evolving industry, we are able to bring you the right product at the right price, and that empowers you to grap market share and achieve higher customer return rate. We are able to do that because we always emphasize on product quality, customer support, and partner loyalty, and our clients can see that right after they start working with us. Whether a engineering project for automotive industry, a project with banking industry, a nation-wide deployment of a customized computer system, or a retail roll out of a consumer electronic product, we work closely with you to provide exactly what you need by leveraging our manufacturing efficiency and expertise. We do not rest till we can come up with the exact product you are looking for.

1st PC Corp sincerely looks forward to partnering up with you to bring out some great products. We want to see you succeed. And most of all, we want to build a long lasting business partnership with you!

Thank you and welcome.

1st PC Corp Contact Info

Tel: 1-626-789-3781

Email: info@1stpccorp.com
Website: www.1stpccorp.com

Job Opportunity:

If you are interested in working in computer & electronic haredware industry, and like to see if you have what it takes to excel in this exicting and fast moving industry, please feel free to email us at info@1stpccorp.com. We always welcome talented and career-minded people to join us.

Thank you very much!




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